The 20th anniversary of the Blue Ball in Hamburg took place in one of the most prestigious hotels, Atlantic Kempinski. Over 1000 people attended the event mainly VIPs from areas such as entertainment, politics and business. The purpose of this event was to collect funding for children suffering from cancer.
The fashion designer Flora Suldashi was there to present her brand with her models wearing light fabrics decorated with royal blue-coloured roses. According to Flora, the blue colour represents the unrequited, mystical love.
Flora’s creative designs were presented by famous models and actresses such as Sandra Quadflieg, Claudia Ehlert, Ronja Hilbig, Saskia Lepin…
Flora was very satisfied with the event and she said that her designs were liked by the public and they have been published in magazines such as Welt, Bild etc./Endrit.H/IMG_2910IMG_2911IMG_2912IMG_2913IMG_2914IMG_2952IMG_2953IMG_2954IMG_2956