If you would have a hobby, what would it be?
Hunting …. Shooting at a gunpoint and hitting the bullseye worth 10 points. (… like I did before).

If you would get the chance to go to a dinner with one historical personage, who would you choose?
Prince Albert of Monaco.

Would you forgive a man you love, if he betrayed you?
I am a very sensitive person, I cannot punish people …

Who would you choose: the most attractive or the ugliest man, the richest or the poorest man?
I cannot avoid the power of attractiveness, it is something supernatural … while all other material things remain on the ground when we die ….

What’s the craziest thing that you have done in your life?
Let me think a little bit … I’m not a scandalous or crazy type of person ….

What is your favorite word?

If you knew that you will die within a year, how would you organize your lifestyle?
I would share my time left only with my loved ones and I would travel …

Would you prefer to travel to the past or to the future?
Definitely to the future, because I have already lived through the past.Which famous character you wished you were?
I have always been fascinated by Coco Chanel, her struggle, her life pace and her aura …

How would you describe yourself with three adjectives?
An intriguing question…. 🙂

What would you not tolerate in others?
Lying, ignorance and snobbery.

If you wrote everything that has happened to you so far, do you believe that people would want to read it?
To a certain extent, certainly yes.

Is your car trunk organized?
The truth? It is chaotic at the moment…

Which is your favorite proverb?
I will share my favorite proverb when I was in high school:
“The future is not measured by wealth but with visions!”

Where would you like to spend your ideal vacation?
In the mountains, in a cabin….

If you could buy only one thing, what would it be?
A diamond!

What are the three qualities that you value in a person?
Intelligence, character and a noble soul.

If you could learn something new, what would you choose?
Researching the ocean depth.

Which is the last book you have read?
My book “Lyrik”, a collection of poetry and prose.

If you could be an animal, what would you choose to be?
A giraffe, because I like to look from above ….

What is the most beautiful memory from your childhood?
My mom’s warm embrace when I wished her a happy Mother’s Day….

What part of your body you like most?
My eyes ….

What is your motto in life?
Love your own.

In which country of the world would you like to live in?
Somewhere where peace rules …

What is your life motivation?
To remain immortal ….

What is the weirdest object you have in your room?
A starfish that I found in an Albanian beach and then embalmed it… I think it carries the mysteries of the ocean …

What was the last lie you told?
I am usually an honest person …

Do you believe that you know yourself well?
I am able to control myself….

In fact when do you know yourself best?
In challenges….
What is your favorite subject in a conversation?
It is a sunny day …

What is your biggest fear in life?
The mystery … is quite intriguing …

What kind of relationship do you have with your parents?
I had an excellent relationship with them, may they rest in Peace.

What power would you like to have?
To achieve my goals in a broad spectrum, for example, in the financial aspect….

What is your opinion about love?
It is something divine, as if it falls from the sky and then flies through the fog back to it …

Does true love exist?
Yes, it exists, but it is never fulfilled.

Are you sure that everything you see is real?
It is a question between science and Parapsychology …. in fact I often think about it, it is difficult to define it when you connect all the strange things that coincidentally happened to me ….

What do you think about appreciation? Does it still matter?
It should be evaluated, it especially matters during transitions or social crises.

When someone arguments against your ideas, do you prefer to remain silent knowing that you are right, or do you think you should better tell the “truth”?
The truth is glorious, a steadfast basement, we should not pay much attention to ignorance.

It is said that nothing is perfect … what would happen if it was?
If everything was perfect, there would be a cold feeling … the race would have been finished.

Who are you in reality? (Not how you are called, not where you are from or what you do, but your true self as a human, can you tell us …)
I am myself – I am Flora.

What do you do when you have difficulties to solve a problem?
I stay silent, sit alone in a room and solve them …

What has been the most boring task that you had to do?
Some theoretical exams in university…

What were the most important achievements in your last job?
The presentation in German media …

What kind of projects or ideas did you manage to achieve on your own?
Mostly projects in culture, which were fully or partly carried out by me.

Is there any example of a job that needed more strain, how did you cope with it? What were the results?
I do not take a job if I know that I cannot do it… enjoyable and inspiring results for further work.
What do you usually do in your spare time?
I walk in the nature…

Does the work that you do today match with the profession that you had imagined you would do when you were a child?
I always had an artistic soul, but it has not been my childhood dream….

Are you happy with the fashion design that you do?
I am happy since I have the chance to achieve my plans and goals, while the artistic prism has no limit (it resembles the ocean depth …)

What are your next plans?
To take part in international runways ….

How honest were you in this interview?
Diplomacy is true in some variants ….

/E.H/ Albanian Excellence